About Us

Nutralogicx is a nutraceuticals division of Anglo French Drugs and Industries Limited (AFDIL). AFDIL was founded in 1923, & it stands among one of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies not just in India but also worldwide. We have the privilege of being the first company to manufacture single vitamin injections and a combination of B-complex Vitamins in India.

Our Mission

Nutraceuticals is expected to play a vital role in preventative healthcare. An ageing population gives rise to lifestyle-related diseases, whose impact can be lessened by making healthier choices earlier in life. Considering the current pandemic scenario in mind, immunity and well-being becomes utmost important for any patient. This is the mantra of Nutrologicx division – For Everlasting Health.

At Nutralogicx, we believe in the power of nature to provide access to nutrition. Driven by innovation, we are offering a complete portfolio of products focusing on wellness & immunity building in aging population, which we believe starts from mid-30’s itself….

We offer our customers an innovative range of products to meet the nutritional challenges of Today & Tomorrow to aid them in keeping their Immunity high and head higher while aging…. hence our vision is to help aging population achieve an everlasting good health…”